Friday, April 15, 2011

Early Reflections on TGC 11

Over the next few days I'm sure that I will be posting some thoughts regarding my recent trip to Chicago to attend the 2011 Gospel Coalition National Conference. Great times, great worship, great speakers. I may even have a few books to give away on the blog, thanks to the thoughts of a good friend.

One of the reasons that I had the desire to head to Chicago this year were the workshops that were being offered. A wonderful variety of leaders were sharing on a diverse array of topics. The one that stuck out to me from day one, though, was a workshop entitled Justification vs. Self-Justification by Ray Ortlund. In my life, I have a tendency to justify myself by other things other than Christ. However, that is not the way we are justified - it is Christ alone who justifies us.

With that said, here is Ray's paper that he presented at the conference. One thing that you miss until audio becomes available was the way his actions and answers to questions following his presentation showed the work our glorious God has done in him - you can tell this man loves Christ and has been captured by the gospel. You can find Ray's blog here with his normally concise and beautiful posts.

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