Thursday, January 6, 2011


Welcome to the Hardesty family blog!  That's our name, but really, at the heart of things, it's all about another Name - the Name of the One who is greater than us, and yet has redeemed us.  To God be the glory and may we glorify the Name of Jesus.

What this blog will look like is yet fully to be determined.  My lovely wife Jessica will likely post a few pictures of her own taking from time to time.  She likes music, so there may be a video or two, or maybe even 25 days of them during the Christmas season.  She'll probably link to a few items of interest regarding biblical womanhood.  There may even be a recipe or two.

My part of the blog will be a little bit different.  I read quite a few books, so I'm sure there will be a book review or two.  I'll definitely want to post a couple meditations on scriptures that I have plenty of time each day to think through.  There may be an examination or two of current trends in the faith.  I'll also post some videos and links of importance.  If you have any other thoughts, you can always leave a comment.

All in all, it will be a fairly mixed bag of items.  We're looking to post at least one to two items per week.

No matter what though, we're grateful for this first look, but remember, and help us remember, that this is all for the glory of His Name.

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